Escondido Private Estate Wedding :: Molly + Chris

There's something especially sweet about a small, backyard wedding on a private estate. Add to that some sweet San Diego (well, Escondido) afternoon light, sprinkle in some fun Dutch and Mexican traditions, factor in that it's a destination wedding and only the closest family and friends are there for the event, and you have the recipe for an awesomely intimate and unique affair for the books. Oh, and let's not forget a bride and groom who are head-over-heels in love.

Hannah Turns Six

Happiest of birthdays to my Hannah. My life has never been the same since you jumped the gun on us 6 years ago.

Corona Del Mar Wedding :: Weiping + Larry

A quirky-fun couple, beautiful weather, an intimate venue, lots of chuckles, and a surprise Macklemore-set rap by the sister of the bride. Just your average regular Corona Del Mar wedding.

Hannah Goes to the Beach

My kids are now at this magical age that my friends have hinted at a few times before -- just past all the really rough stay-up-all-night-with-a-sick-kid nights and just before all the stay-up-all-night-freaking-out-about-your-hormonal-preteen nights. Hannah is almost 6, and Ava is about 3 and a half ("My birthday is October 16," she likes to remind us).