Hannah Goes to the Beach

There are fewer things in this world that give me that uncontrollable, cheek-stretching, smiley joy than watching my daughters get lost in their play worlds. The way that they giggle until they fall over, or laugh with their mouths so wide that they accidentally drool all over the place, or use made-up words in made-up ways to express made-up ideas in their cute little minds. My kids are now at this magical age that my friends have hinted at a few times before — just past all the really rough stay-up-all-night-with-a-sick-kid nights and just before all the stay-up-all-night-freaking-out-about-your-hormonal-preteen nights. Hannah is almost 6, and Ava is about 3 and a half (“My birthday is October 16,” she likes to remind us). So I try my best every now and then (hopefully more and more, with practice) to unwind my normally wound-up self and let my kids just be kids.

Although I usually just post things related to my business on this blog, I feel compelled to share some of the photos (hey, it *is* photography-related) I took this weekend while the girls’ cousins (8 kids under the age of 6) were in San Diego and staying over. We took them to Cardiff State Beach and just let ’em go crazy. It was a blast for them, but just as fun for the parents to watch.

Parent note: Most of these images are of Hannah.

Geek note: all photos from my iPhone 4S, taken with the Camera+ app and toned using the Snapseed app.









  1. Sherry

    Absolutely in love with all of these! You are an amazing Daddy and the girls will love having all these special memories with you 🙂

  2. Citlalli RIco

    I love these so much!

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